Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

When it comes to Workers Compensation Insurance, you need to know the rules. State law requires, for example, that most Arkansas businesses with three or more employees have Workers Compensation. In Missouri, those with five or more employees must maintain coverage unless they are in the construction business, in which case they must carry the coverage for even just one employee.

Whether you are in Arkansas or Missouri, the employer must generally provide these benefits to the injured employee for two years from the date of injury. This coverage pays for medical treatment, wage replacement and work-related rehabilitation in the aftermath of on-the-job accidents.

Exceptions to the Rule

Some employers are exempt from providing Workers Compensation. In Missouri, postal, railroad and maritime workers receive coverage under the federal umbrella, and are thus exempt from Missouri’s Workers Compensation laws. And in Arkansas, employers of farm laborers, real estate agents and anyone with two or fewer employees are exempt.

BCDD Insurance can explain Workers Compensation Insurance costs and rules regardless of the size of your business and staff. Also talk to us about bundling your Workers Compensation Insurance with Commercial Auto, General Liability, Property Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Small Business Insurance, or a Business Owners Policy to save as much as 20%.

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